We started our Take out kitchen, While researching for a web solution, we couldn’t find any which we free of commission or monthly fees.

We explored all the Solutions out there, They had one or another drawbacks & were extremely expensive for the restaurant owners.

So we took charge & started building our own web solutions for our use kitchen use case.

Using this solution you do not pay any Monthly software Fees. This is extremely SEO friendly, Has functionality to integrate with POS & printer.

The only downside “It needs a little technical know-how” that’s when we felt we can provide this bring up as a service to restaurant owners.

That’s the beginning of Webify commerce, The name is the extension of our vision.

Any business who is planing to launch or already running, we want to increase there online presence with the solution which will grow along with there business.

If you want to “Do it yourself”, we offer consultation as well.

Best Regards,

Balakrishna Patil