WordPress Consultation – 2 Hr




This is a two-hour zoom consultation call, wherein I can help you with any of these tasks, as long as the time permits

  • Launch your WordPress Blog
  • Launch your E-Commerce Site
  • Transfer website between hosting providers.
  • Domain name migration.
  • Google Analytics setup.
  • SSL certificate installation.
  • Creation of email@your domain.
  • Suggest the appropriate plugins which might help for your use case.
  • Add E-commerce features (shopping carts, payment integration, etc.)
  • Migrate your work E-mail from the hosting provider ( Siteground ) to a dedicated email provider like Gmail or etc.

Please note this is a Guided Consultation, So most of the tasks, you will be doing your self with a specialist on your side, so you don’t have to spend countless hours googling checking Youtube or asking chat gpt :-)

Just to put it in perspective, I recently helped someone launch 6 brand new websites & install most essential plugins on 1 website, So we can cover a lot of ground.


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